Past Global Changes Youth Science Meeting in Morillo de Tou, Spain

This past weekend I had to privilege to be amongst some 90 young scientists from across the world who study all aspects past global changes, and how the knowledge we produce will help aid our understanding of the current, and future, Earth systems. It was held in a small, refurbished village in the foothills of the Pyrenees with gorgeous views of snow-capped peaks, glacier fed rivers, and lush forests. It was wonderful reminder of how incredible the Earth is, and how lucky I am to be a scientist! We participated in workshops that helped us become better communicators, shape the next ten years of paleo-science, and identity the scientific needs of at-risk communities and societies in the coming era of rapid global change.


It was great to be re-invigorated on my science, and has gotten (I believe) all those who attended excited for this weeks PAGES Open Science meeting (OSM) in Zaragoza, Spain!


The wine isn’t so bad either


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